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About Duneside Stud

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An inborn love for horses and a passion for horse breeding motivated the owner of Duneside Stud to  acquire the first brood mares from Voigtland Stud in 1974, and the stud remains grateful to Mr. Gerhard Voigts and his descendants at Voigtland (which has subsequently stopped horse-breeding), for their contribution to horse-breeding in Namibia. This stud provided broodmares for most of the other studs that started up about 40 to 50 years ago and Duneside Stud believes in the conviction of the desert Bedouins in attaching great value to the dam line in horse breeding.

Along with the other Namibian Warmblood studs, Duneside benefitted from the stallions made available by Celle (Hannoverian Breeders’ Society) to the Warmblood breeders of Namiban and one of the damlines was founded by Graveur out of Grande. Anschluss, a Hannoverian stallion imported by Voigtland, also founded a successful dam line. Other Warmblood stallions used by kind consent of private stallion owners were Attache, Menotti, Pepino, Consuelo, Good Morning Africa (out of Wendesi), Bellini and Tanzpartner. Thoroughbred stallions used for refining were Moss Cable, Nile Game and Hold the Hostage. When matters finally came to a head for Namibian horse breeders to start their own Breed Society, Duneside was one of the founder members of the Namibian Warmblood Breeders Society.

The love for horses was not confined to Warmbloods only however; Purebred Arabians became part of the Stud and later, when Connemara’s raised the interest of the stud owner, Ashgar Kierin was acquired, a Connemara stallion bred by Christine Walwyn of Clarence, (Orange Free State South Africa). Kierin bred great conformation, bone, boldness, jumping ability and savvy. Today he is represented by his son Duneside Sundance, a great ambassador for the breed. Both father and son have been used to breed with the Warmblood mares in the tradition of the Irish Sport Horse.

Duneside Stud today is in the capable hands of Keith Keating and Yolanda Meyer who continue with the same passion as their predecessor. Spotting a beautiful colt standing on the neighboring farm, they stopped to have a look, whereupon they were approached by this colt and it was a matter of ‘love at first sight’. Consequently Mr. Keating and Ms. Meyer met with the owner, Mr. Fonk Genis, and the result was that they ended up as the new owners of Duneside Stud.

New stables and a World Class Equestrian Centre were built for the stud and an experienced horseman (Riaan Verster) was appointed as stud manager and the previous stud owner acts as stud advisor with his wealth of knowledge.

The Stud vision remains to breed “User-friendly horses for horse-friendly people” but this time around the vision includes using semen from world-class Warmblood and Arabian sires from around the world.

“At Duneside Stud we aim to breed “USER-FRIENDLY HORSES FOR HORSE-FRIENDLY PEOPLE” in different equine disciplines.”