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Conference Centre

      Events that Matter

      Design and deliver events of the highest caliber with the help of our outstanding staff. Choose one of our incredibly well-designed locations, which are appropriate for all types of business gatherings and events, and let our conference pros handle the rest.

      sandune conference outside


      From providing top-notch catering to organizing entertainment, game drives, and team-building activities, our committed staff will take care of your needs.

      Discover our opulent multi-purpose space, perfect for a dynamic conference with 120 attendees or a lavish banquet with up to 120 people.

      sandune conference table and projector 02
      sandune conference table and projector

      Conference in the Kalahari

      Our conference space can hold 120 people. Through its floor to ceiling windows, it offers stunning views of the Kalahari bush and free-roaming wildlife. It also includes a 3 meter widescreen projector and cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology to link you to the internet, and the rest of the world.